Mixes highlighting the utter greatness of new, vital and way-out sounds of modern combos from thee year 2000 up to the present day. Introducing in order of appearance: The Kumari, The Higher State, Walter Ghoul & the Lavender Brigade, Graham Day & the Gaolers, Bobkat '65, The Deltonics, The Thanes, Thee Vicars, The Hoodwinks, Thee Jezebels and The Mal Thursday Quintet with F. Alex Johnson.

KUMARI – Fall In Love With The Sun (Heavy Soul Records) 2013
HIGHER STATE – Song Of The Autumn (13 O’Clock Records 005) 2010
HIGHER STATE – Precious Rings and Stones (13 0’Clock Records 005) 2010
WALTER GHOUL’S LAVENDER BRIGADE – House Of Small (Twist 24) 1999
GRAHAM DAY & the GAOLERS – Get Off My Track (Disques Volfoni) 2007
BOBKAT ’65 – Time (Get Hip GH-265) 2016
DELTONICS – The Hurt And The Pain (Trident TR-666) 2002
THANES – No No No No (Larsen LZ-073) 2003
VICARS – You Lie (Dirty Water Records DWC1030) 2009
HOODWINKS – Come On (Flycatcher Records FLYCA004) 1999
JEZEBELS – Black Book (State Records THS-019) 2015
MAL THURSDAY QUINTET with F. Alex Johnson - Standing On The Corner (unreleased live recording) 2018