THE WRONG SOCIETY - "Tell Me You'll Be Mine" / "I Really Don't Care" (Market Square Records MSR-20) February 2018

Market Square Records is an enterprise coordinated by Paul Messis and what a fantastic job he's doing too. Single releases are limited to 300 and all are relevant and his label has a new release by Germany's The Wrong Society.

I've known about this combo for a number of years and have followed their progress via their Facebook page and have always bought a copy of their discs. This latest 45 doesn't disappoint, the top side "Tell Me You'll Be Mine" is an uptempo punker with background harmonies and a solid backbeat. This one really moves along nicely and is interspersed with a pulsating fuzz guitar break. Short but sweet but it's there and it adds a touch of menace.

I particular dig the B-Side "I Really Don't Care" which has that sombre New England Teen-Scene sound that has become popular. So not only has Germany got great footballers, beer, cars, castles, chocolate and huge sausages....they've also got a cool garage band.

Both sides recorded at Heiko Herzog in Room 424 and mastered by Tim Warren.